Category: Poetry

California History Textbooks Must Now Include “Comfort Women”: a poem

California History Textbooks Must Now Include “Comfort Women” – They came like wolves in sheep’s clothing, the Japanese soldiers, as they offered pounds of rice in exchange for the young women of the village. And history refused to acknowledge the ravaging, the hunger, the teeth-marked nipples, all the unheard stories of pain, until now. It […]

Blue Blackberry Farm of Acton, Maine: a poem

Blue Blackberry Farm of Acton, Maine – A morning on Nana’s farm started with a hiss of crêpe batter hitting hot black stone and my brother drumming on a metal bucket, Lula’s milk sloshing in response, echoing an off-beat rhythm to the lazy drops of water, dripping from the gutter we spent hours cleaning out […]

Neat, Crisp Edges: a poem

Neat, Crisp Edges – It starts with two paper people who fall in love and move into a crisply folded origami house, to make lots of paper sons and daughters. And it ends when the family discovers there is more to life than cutting along perforated edges. But paper families never reach this ending. Here […]