God Makes Birds and Kills Them Too: a poem on how not to cope with loss

 Well…is there a right way to cope with loss? When my brother smiled, his eyes looked like the seagulls I drew when we were children. Thin, crescent curves, I drew them like m’s, out of the charcoal Dad would bring from the station. My brother would tell me how boring I was, sitting at home, coloring. […]

Sitting Inert, Studying a Movement: a poem on Martin Luther and caffeine overdose

There’s something ironic about studying reforms – action and progress – while sitting still for hours, shoulders hunched over a screen. Sitting Inert, Studying a Movement Twelve thirty in the morning meant a forty-two-page citation spree on the Leipzig disputation between the great Martin Luther and his rival, Johann Eck. She had a struggle of […]