They Told Me I was Gullible: a poem, a villanelle

It’s hard not to blame yourself, especially when you’re the one that chose to stay. But it’s not your fault. This one’s a little different than my usual free-verse.

This particular form is called a villanelle. It’s a poetic form that follows a few rules:

  1. 19 lines: five tercets (stanza with three lines), ending with one quatrain (stanza with four lines)
  2. There are two repeating rhymes which serve as two refrains which are…
  3. …the opening first and third line (of the first stanza)! They’re repeated throughout the poem, alternating as the last line of each tercet
  4. Then, BAM, they appear as the last two lines at the end of the poem

Note: I also made the middle lines of each tercet rhyme with each other. But that was a personal choice…it’s not required to classify your poem as a villanelle.

Haha…I know…a bit confusing, but see below. It’ll make more sense:


Sit by the fire, heart conflicted
You know you never loved the winter,
Your body singed, your soul molested

He left your open wounds infected,
Cauterize it with some tinder,
Sit by the fire, heart conflicted

He’ll make you think that you requested
All your shredded veins to become thinner
Your body singed, your soul molested

Ice can burn, don’t be mistaken
He’ll convince you that you like Decembers,
Sit by the fire, heart conflicted

Yes, you enjoyed your self-inflicted
Pain, gnaw through your fingers
Your body singed, your soul molested

Blame yourself for being sadistic
You liked it when his frostbite lingered,
Sit by the fire, heart conflicted
Your body singed, your soul molested

Also, if you guys would like to see blurbs-slash-behind-the-scenes of my writings, (or if you’d just like to read poems, no blurbs), let me know!

And if you tried out a villanelle because of this post, please don’t hesitate to share!

Lastly, thanks to everyone who’s given my portfolio the time of day. 🙂 Appreciate you.





Comments 2

  1. varjakBaby June 7, 2018

    Thanks for the formal poem. I think there isn’t enough out there. There’s so much rich tradition and form to structured poetry that I miss. But I’m personally too lazy to do it myself! No one to blame but myself I suppose.


    • sparkscollection June 7, 2018

      So glad you enjoyed! And yes, I totally agree…I’m biased towards free verse (because it’s so open to creative expression), but there’s something exciting and challenging about structured poetry. Thank you muchly for the support!


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